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My cost of living hacks

The cost of being alive is quite frankly extortionate at the moment. I accidentally opened a budget I had made back 2021 and was nicely reminded that the energy bills were over half of what I pay now.

This week I was actually met with a nice HMRC bill too as my student loan repayment was not taken out of my salary when I had two part time jobs, also throwing me into the deep end financially. What's more exciting of course, is that I am due to remortgage my house in June which will also increase my expdentiture and I will also be taking a slight pay cut to move jobs. Hooray, to being alive purely to pay bills and the tax man!

This day and age has forced me to be as savvy as possible with my money and I try to make it go as far as I can with a variety of tactics detailed below.


I have been using a couple of cashback tools online now, and although the amounts are small, it does add up over time. Here are my favourites, which I have linked using my referral codes - which will make both of us a bit of extra cash should you choose to sign up.

I use this for all online shopping... and I have been paid back £304.61 so far (over the past 3 years or so). Make sure to use this when applying for things like insurance, opening new credit accounts as the rewards are really high! I got £50 for ordering a new sim only contract from Three, for example.

topcashback dashboard example
topcashback dashboard example

This one is quite passive, link your cards and you get cashback on supported stores. I've only had this one a couple of months, and have ranked up a fiver!

Money off your phone bill, the cashback you earn can then go against your phone bill. Supports online and in store purchases. I have earnt £68.24 over 2 years or something like that, but thats nearly 7 months worth of phone bill covered... useful!

Airtime rewards dashboard example
Airtime rewards dashboard example

Similar to cheddar, but you have to set up an account which gives you unique card details, and you use this to make your online or instore purchases. You have to activate your card each time you make a purchase, which is a bit annoying... but you can then use the cashback from this card to make purchases.

Instead of earning cashback each time you spend, you purchase giftcards from the store you wish to purchase from, but by doing so gain cashback which can then be cashed out as money or go towards another giftcard. Useful for big purchases! If you're making the payment online you can still benefit from the perks of TopCashBack too....!

Link it to your bank account to auto-save and pay extra against your mortgage. Also has lots of cashback offers!


Honestly, this is not my favourite way to side hustle... but. needs must. I like to think of it as if I can make an extra £1 a day, then that's my water bill covered. Earning 20-80p for a 10 minute survey feels a bit silly, but it does add up... Below are links and referrals to the survey platforms I use to get you going...

Eureka Surveys dashboard example
Eureka Surveys dashboard example

Market Research

I haven't actually done any of these, yet. But I have signed up and do keep my eye on them. These pay out a lot more so are nice options for the one off bump to income...

Walking equals points!

Earn points whenever you walk your dog and cash out in vouchers!

Last but not least, Energy...

I have been with Octopus energy for a while now, and I haven't left them because they are still one of the cheapest on the market. Not only that, but they use renewables! Yay!

Want to switch to them and get £50 credit towards the bills? Click here.

If you have a smart meter, then you can also take advantage of the following and get rewarded in gift vouchers!

I don't really intend to blog about money and finances, but it is of course a day to day worry for me and a lot of people, and I hope these little cost of living hacks can help others that land here!

Also helps me having all of referral codes in one place ;)

Happy savings people!

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